Green Markets Box Report

Price and Market Assessment Methodology

This statement serves to clarify how Green Markets containerboard product market price reporting is developed.

Green Markets provides containerboard product price and market sentiment assessments that indicate reliable market value and conditions. These assessments are objective and adhere to industry norms with respect to volume standards, delivery method, currency, product grades, ordered units and geographic location.

The prices quoted by Green Markets do not necessarily reflect actual transactions, but current market rates as perceived by buyers, sellers and Green Markets analysts. Price assessments are based on large transactions involving truckloads or larger volumes.

All sheet prices are listed in U.S. dollars per thousand square feet (“$/MSF”), on a delivered (Incoterm “DEL”) basis. DEL prices include transportation costs to the end user’s premises. Unless otherwise indicated, prices are based on mixed, full truckload shipments for transactions of 25,000 – 50,000 square feet of material. All prices are net of discounts including special payment or delivery terms if such are offered.

Price spreads can be attributed to localized price differences, market conditions, buying volume, and the timing of upstream linerboard and/or corrugating medium paper price changes.

Ethical Standards and Corrections

Green Markets analyst/reporters and all related staff follow high ethical standards to protect the objectivity and impartiality of the price and market assessments. They are restricted against any activities that may compromise objectivity, including trading in covered company stocks or commodities or for accepting any remuneration or favors from covered companies.

Green Markets will not make retroactive changes to reported price levels or market insight after publication based on information received after publication. Green Markets will on rare occasions make and communicate price assessment corrections after the publication date in the case of methodological, technical, or clerical error.

Market Sources and Related Survey

Green Markets containerboard price assessments are developed through information gathered from market participants across the corrugated value-chain. These market participants can include paper producers, brokers, consultants, box plants, sheet plants, corrugators, sheet feeders and other consumers of the covered commodities.

Sources of market information are tested on an on-going basis with respect to their historical performance. The respective source credibility is a function of several attributes: tenure as a source; availability and speed with which inquiries from analysts/reporters are answered; timeliness; depth and breadth of the data provided.

Green Markets analysts/reporters actively survey sources for market data and will utilize market insight from any source they accept as credible. Green Markets constantly strives to increase the number of market participants it works with to gather market data, and its analyst are responsible for managing their respective market connections. The volume of available market data points fluctuates based on market conditions, which are most often impacted by seasonality.

In creating a price assessments that represents the prevailing market, transactional price levels are typically deemed more relevant than bids/offers. Bids/offers data is typically deemed more relevant than other market data. The analyst/reporter must adjust the respective methodology used in a particular market to ensure the assimilated market insight creates objective and informed price assessment.

Data Relevance, Analysis and Scrutinization

It is the analyst/reporters’ role to aggregate and analyze all data submitted as part of the price assessment process. These data elements can include actual transaction references, bids/offers, product specifications, transaction sizes, buyers/sellers, and other relevant information that contributes to the assessment of the prevailing market price.

The analyst/reporter provides a significant level of scrutinization to ensure the various data elements accurately reflect the respective market. Areas to be scrutinized include: transactions that are refuted by other market participants as extraordinary; product grade/quality/specification variance; multiparty transactions; transactions impacted by extraneous factors such as weather, transportation; interdependent or affiliate transactions; price levels that deviate from expectations or norms; atypical volume levels.

Inactive Market Price Assessments

In the instance of non-liquid or inactive markets in which no transactional information exists (usually occurring on a seasonal basis), Green Markets analysts assess market prices based on their objective judgment that utilizes all market information available.

In these scenarios, Green Markets analysts base their assessments on a variety of market influencing information including supply and demand balance, bids/offers and other inputs.

Consistency in the Assessment Process

Green Markets analysts/reporters seek to create a repeatable, consistent application of the methodology and processes to ensure price assessments are reliable and valuable to the industry. The assessment methods, mechanisms and market coverage areas are reviewed both internally and with professionals across the value chain to ensure Green Markets is meeting expectations.

Disclaimer of Warranty

All information has been obtained by Green Markets from sources believed to be reliable. However, because of the possibility of human or mechanical error by our sources, Green Markets or others, Green Markets does not guarantee the accuracy, adequacy, or completeness of any information and is not responsible for any errors or omissions or for the results obtained from the use of such information.

Questions regarding the methodology or compliance thereto should be directed to:

Green Markets
attn: Daniel Houder, Managing Director
P.O. Box 190
Sullivan, NH 03445

Regional Definitions

Green Markets Box Report identifies corrugated sheet price assessments based on regional segmentation. This regional price aggregation ensures anonymity for our pricing data sources.

Regional definitions include:

Northeast U.S.: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Delaware

Southern U.S.: Maryland, Virginia, W. Virginia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Florida

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